Ishan Shivanand ji is also one of the most sought after young speakers, writers, philosophers and   leading

lights in the world who has been actively engaged in inspiring and motivating a universal audience,   comprising an eclectic mix of youth, grown ups and the elderly alike. If the elderly have gained through his   relentless and generous charity work, not to mention his compassionate and tender care, the grown ups have   invoked his presence to guide them through life’s thick and thin. He has now embarked on a mission to instill in   the youth a fire of success, a spark of evolution and the seed of miraculous totipotence where they are able to    accomplish outer success through the unfoldment of the latent potential within them, as in every human being.

The versatile and erudite master that Ishan is, he takes a new age approach to unravelling the ancient, secret   recipes of success following which all renowned figures, eminent achievers and noted personalities reached the   pinnacle of success in their lives.

Celebrated motivational speaker Ishan has been at the forefront of honing the vast ocean of potential which the youth around the world possesses to transform this planet and make it a better place to live – where outer development comes through a sustainable approach, guided by activation of inner conscience and where a “win-win” and “work-less-accomplish-more” approach replaces ruthless and reckless competition.

Many endeavours – to harness the capabilities of youth, to prepare them for being the able future leaders shouldering responsibilities and to empower them to not only face but overcome the challenges of the world – have materialized in highly enlightening sessions as part of the free of cost event – Science of Success


Youth population in the world reveals that the younger generation is actually going to inherit, control and hold the mantle, the strings to running the world in the times to come. So it is imperative for the future leaders, future rulers, future sustainers to be conditioned holistically and in a way where they learn how to live happy, live a  200 percent life, enhance their efficiency through inner awakening, become sensitive to the  environmental needs by drawing them closer to nature and how to sustain nature and self through nature.

There is a deluge of knowledge and spiritual information out there. But that is packaged in a way which is archaic or “uncool” as the youth would describe it. Ishan has resolved to mould the spiritual wisdom in a form such that it helps the modern youth digest and they can relate to the teachings of character building and inculcate in them a sense of profound righteousness to grow up as individuals with their roots firmly entrenched in values which bind, build and conquer.


Young at heart, wise in ways is what defines Ishan the best. At face value, he comes across as a robust youth full of energy and enthusiasm. The robustness can be attributed to his learning of martial arts, commando training and rigorous practice of various life skills to strengthen every single cell of the body under expert oversight and his Guru and father’s supervision.

However, in him lies a world of wisdom, a reservoir of knowledge capable of leading one on the path of merit. Attaining a roch wealth of wisdom and healing powers at a tender age, Ishan has now embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between the inner and outer self which the masses have come to develop with the modern lifestyle.

“With your emotions you either create A masterpiece or create nonsense”



  • MGI/RTI Recognition for Youth Empowerment, Govt of Mauritius, 1st April 2016
  • Conferred US flag by Honorable US Senator Mike Fitzpatrick, 16th June 2016
  • Special Citation by Comptroller, Nassau County, New York, 18th June 2016
  • Special commendation by John Cook, Virginia Delegate, 26th June 2016
  • Commendation by House of Delegates John J Bell, 27th June 2016
  • Appreciation Letter, Mayor, City of Columbia, 7th July 2016