If you are excited about joining the family, find your nearest forum and join them. Furthermore, if you feel you have it in you to form a group of positive people and achievers, you are free to create one. Browse through this website that give all information about finding, joining or creating your forum. Namah Shivay.


The Shiv Yog  Forums are the community of positive people and achievers. The forums are set up across the globe for easy accessibility of sadhaks spread across the world. The founders of Shiv Yog, Avdhoot Shivanand ji and Ishan Shivanand ji, the Masters in the lineage of ancient Indian Sages, who are masters in the healing sciences, have designed the “Continuous Learning Program” for the forum, consisting of sadhaks worldwide who come together to learn, share, grow in the wholistic meet every week.  The serious seekers on the path of Shiv Yog get to learn every Sunday something special, which they practice throughout the week and return for the continued learning. These sessions help one not only learn and be a part of the higher wisdom of the Sages, but also are able to stay focused on their worldly goals as well as spiritual growth.


The wonders of being a part of the Shiv Yog Forum community

Shiv Yog wisdom is reaching the masses around the world through the blessings of Shiv Yog Forums. Every week without fail if you attend to these sessions, it will help you not only de-stress you from the baggage of physical, mental and emotional stress but also rejuvenate you to prepare you to meet the upcoming week headon.

Being a part of the forum also helps you learn the ancient sacred wisdom of powerful Kriyas and meditations to release negative karmas. Also the forum becomes an excellent place to meet like-minded, positive-minded, energetic, successful ShivYogis. An excellent platform to do humanitarian services together, meditate together and grow together.

More details are in this video. If you like to find and visit any of your nearest ShivYog Forum just browse through this website to find all details.

FORUMS Member Speak 



Shiv Yog Teachings

Shiv Yog has inspired millions over the last 3 decades. The wisdom all comes from the sacred ancient lineage of the great ShivYogi Masters and the current ShivYogi Master Avdhoot Shivanand ji has rendered thousands of hours of wisdom. In the tradition, there is a scriptural saying followed "Guru Vakyam Param Vakyam" meaning the words of the Master are deemed as final, because they come from the Supreme all-knowing source and thus following it in abidance, brings the successive effect of the intended teaching on those who follow it.  Hundreds of such gems are collected here in our section on GURU VAKYAM.




How is Shiv Yog Forum different from a satsang center?

Satsang center is open to general public whereas Shiv Yog Forum would be like an inner circle which is exclusively for registered members who would be sincere Shiv Yog Sadhaks who are committed to Baba Ji as their Guru and sincerely follow the teachings of Shiv Yog. Satsang center has only limited basic satsang modules  whereas Shiv Yog Forum will offer member sadhaks opportunities of very deep and sacred dhyans and also live sessions of Sadhnas and lectures on various topics with Babaji (through satellite and video streaming) empowering them to lead 200% successful life.
Shiv Yog Forums may also host live healing sessions of Babaji. Shiv Yog Forums will also provide opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development with help of community service and social activities. Babaji would be personally guiding the Shiv Yog Forums and providing them with progressive Shiv Yog Sadhnas as they progress.